Transforming the shopping experience from Web2 to Web3

Bitago provides every day users with a unique chance to monetize their daily activities and earn crypto, NFT or other awesome rewards, whether they're shopping, completing tasks, watching ads or staking their existing $XBIT. 

What is Bitago?

Bitago is a crypto cashback protocol and provides to individuals the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency for completing various tasks or purchases.  

The cutting-edge business model allows everyday people to potentially earn crypto cashback as a shopping reward without any extra steps in their regular shopping journey, changing the standards of loyalty & cashback programs worldwide. 

Our vission:

Our ultimate vision is always to solve the biggest problem of the blockchain space: bringing Web3 to the masses and creating mass crypto adoption introducing cryptocurrency to the people who do not intend to directly purchase or invest into. 

On the other side we will help merchants grow business and contribute to rapidly stimulating the world economy.  

Who we are

In the magical realm of crypto cashback, we, the Bitago team, embark on a daring mission. With innovation as our guide, we merge the worlds of rewards and cryptocurrency, redefining the way you shop. Join our quest and discover a future where earning crypto cashback becomes a thrilling adventure for all. Unleash the power of Bitago and unlock a realm of limitless possibilities! 

  • 25+ Team members
  • 1k+ Brands
  • 1M+ Shoppers

Our Backers Empowering Our Vision

We firmly believe that our success is built upon the collective efforts of our dedicated team and valued investors and backers like you. Your support is more than just financial; it is a vote of confidence in our vision and a catalyst for our growth. 

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We are growing. Join Bitago team

Join our trailblazing team at Bitago and be part of the crypto cashback revolution. Together, we'll shape the future of rewards and create remarkable opportunities. Unleash your potential with us and embark on an extraordinary journey. 

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