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Bitago In-App Advertising

Ignite your brand's growth with our unparalleled expertise and innovative strategies. We are dedicated to propelling your brand to new heights, reaching untapped markets, and maximizing your potential. With our cutting-edge techniques and unwavering commitment, we'll unleash your brand's true potential and guide you towards unrivaled success. Trust us to be the catalyst that ignites your brand's growth story. 

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    Bitago promotions deliver crypto cashback and incentives to your audience across more categories and brands than any other platform to keep shoppers highly engaged and offer better partner performance throughout the customer journey.  

    Not only does cashback advertising boost customer acquisition and retention, but it also enhances brand perception, fosters customer trust, and drives repeat purchases. Embrace the winning combination of advertising and cashback to skyrocket your sales and propel your brand to new heights of success. 

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    Support brand discovery and generate awareness for sales, promotional events and Cash Back offers via our media solutions. 

    Email & Mobile: Reach a customized audience of high-intent shoppers based on member behavior, affinity and purchase history.

    On-site Display: Boost program performance and audience reach with strategic display placements.

    When paired with our promotions, Bitago media will increase advertiser sales by an average of 3.2x versus promotions alone.

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    Personalized Push notifications

    Experience the power of push notifications advertising. Instantly engage your target audience with captivating messages delivered directly to their devices. Seamlessly reach users wherever they are, cutting through the noise and grabbing their attention in real-time. 

    With push notifications, you have the ability to drive immediate action, boost conversions, and foster lasting customer relationships. Don't miss out on this dynamic and effective advertising channel that ensures your brand stays top of mind. Embrace push notifications and unleash the full potential of your advertising campaigns. 

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    In-App targeted video ads to ideal customers

    The innovative aspect of Bitago's "Watch to Earn" advertising videos in blockchain lies in its ability to create a mutually beneficial relationship between advertisers and viewers. Advertisers can reach a larger audience and improve their brand exposure, while viewers can earn digital tokens or other rewards for watching ads.

    Bitago enables it's users to earn digital assets just for interacting with short in-app targeted advertising videos!

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    Attract new customers who travel directly to your store

    With Bitago every place is a Smart Place. We make venues interactive, connected and relevant. It gamifies outdoor experience. Bitago rewards individuals for visiting places and motivates them to go outside and explore.  

    Our "Explore to Earn" blockchain-based feature rewards users with $XBIT for visiting and exploring new places, such as restaurants, fashion stores, and other businesses, as well as for learning about new products. This feature enables users to search for businesses or products based on their location or interests. 

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Reach your audience and deliver personalized experiences to reach your goals and grow your sales 

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