Get in front of active shoppers with a full funnel Crypto Cashback Strategy

Attract customers easily. Grow your sales attracting new customers who travel directly to your store. Reach your audience and deliver personalized experiences to meet your goals

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Together We Are Stronger

 We take immense pride in partnering with some of the world's top brands, fostering a collaborative environment that yields exceptional results. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has attracted renowned companies across diverse industries, allowing us to create mutually beneficial relationships that drive success. 


Unlock the power od Bitago

Simply, we've combined the powers of the blockchain with traditional cashback to create something magical! Better yet, it's so easy ANYONE can use it.  

  • Online stores

    Become Bitago partner and attract millions of online shoppers willing to earn crypto rewards while shopping.

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  • Physical Stores

    Become Bitago partner and grow your sales attracting new customers who travel directly to your store.

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  • In-App | Advertising

     Get discovered | Find & engage new-to-file customers. Retain, reactivate & reward | Increase market share & conquesting.

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The next era of Cash Back

We’ll provide the tools and strategies to help you reach people wherever they are shopping. 

It all starts with Data

 Bitago mission is to become the largest Web3 rewards publisher in e-commerce. Our protocol make it easy to reach shoppers with highly-personalized shopping experiences and targeting opportunities. By combining the strength of our first-party Data with best-in-class engineering, we connect shoppers to brands. We make shopping more rewarding for brands and their customers. 


Delivering transparent measurements, insights and a portfolio of strategic solutions to drive performance.

Brand Experience

Designing delightful brand experiences to create actionable insights that influence shopper behavior.


Utilizing data from Millions of Bitago users to help you engage high-intent, in-market shoppers and create personalized offers.

Bitago partners

Join over 1000 brands working with us 

Bitago In-App Advertising

Supercharge your sales with in-app advertising. Reach your target audience directly with the game-changing impact of Bitago in-app advertising.

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Hey there! Are you looking for a way to stay connected and be part of our awesome community? Look no further! Join us on our social media platforms for exciting updates, exclusive content, and a whole lot of fun!  

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