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Investors, seize the opportunity! Our vision, coupled with strategic insights and unwavering dedication, will unlock the path to exceptional returns. Join us in shaping the future of investment and let's create prosperity together. 

Note: $XBIT token will be listed on CEX and DEX for trading upon completing the token sale with more than one round

Our Backers Empowering Our Vision

We firmly believe that our success is built upon the collective efforts of our dedicated team and valued investors and backers like you. Your support is more than just financial; it is a vote of confidence in our vision and a catalyst for our growth. 

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Created by Makers for Makers

$XBIT represents more than just a digital asset. It symbolizes the power of decentralized decision-making and financial sovereignty.

  • 200M Total Supply
  • ERC-20 Token Type
  • $XBIT Token Symbol

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Token Sale Rounds


  • Seed Round

    10.000.000 $XBIT

    3% at TGE , 6 Month cliff, 12 Month vesting

  • Private Round

     10.000.000 $XBIT 

    5% at TGE , 4 Month cliff, 10 Month vesting

  • Strategic Round

     14.000.000 $XBIT 

    8% at TGE , 3 Month cliff, 8 Month vesting

Token Metrics

 Allocation & Distribution 

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