Earn Crypto Cashback while shopping at your favorite Brands

Shop at the brands you love!

Earn $XBIT while you eat, travel or shop, anytime, anywhere. Snag the latest deals, get in-store coupons, check out app-exclusive Cash Back and more. 

Note: $XBIT token will be listed on CEX and DEX for trading upon completing the token sale with more than one round
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But how it works?

 Simply, we've combined the powers of the blockchain with traditional cashback to create something magical! Better yet, it's so easy ANYONE can use it. 

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Get rewarded with free crypto for your daily tasks and shopping at your favorite stores

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, here's the scoop: Stores pay us a commission for sending you their way, and we pass that on to you in the form of $XBIT. It's a win-win for everyone! 


Discover your favorite brands

Explore over 1000 stores and start earning crypto cashback with Bitago today!

Stop reading and start earning $XBIT! Set up an account in the Bitago mobile app to embark on your crypto journey.

Bitago Debit Card

Use your $XBIT in everyday life! You pay with $XBIT, merchants get fiat!

Ready to use in millions of locations around the world. Shop online & offline or simply withdraw cash from any compatible ATM.

Max rewards

Get amazing deals & earn $XBIT that you can use in your everyday life with the Bitago Debit Card

$XBIT also powers our Bitago Debit Card, a powerful tool for seamless integration between the crypto and traditional financial worlds. You can easily top-up your Bitago Debit Card with XBIT and conveniently spend it in real life, allowing you to use your crypto rewards anywhere that accepts card payments.

Stake your $XBIT and earn up to 10% APY 

One app, for any user, with any lifestyle

 With over 1000 stores now available there’s never been a better time to start earning crypto cashback with Bitago! 

  • Shop to Earn

    Shop-to-earn is a concept that involves earning crypto cashback and rewards for shopping. 

  • Watch to Earn

    Ever imagined earning crypto from watching videos? Bitago enables it's users to earn crypto just for watching short in-appadvertising videos!  

  • Explore to Earn

    Explore to Earn rewards users with $XBIT for visiting and exploring new places, such as restaurants, fashion stores, and other businesses, as well as for learning about new products 

  • Browser extension

     The Bitago Browser Extension is a powerful tool that allows users to earn $XBIT as cashback while shopping online from your PC. The extension is available for popular web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and can be installed with just a few clicks. 

  • Debit Card

    Ready to use $XBIT in millions of locations around the world. Shop online & offline or simply withdraw cash from any compatible ATM. 

  • Stake and Earn

    Stake your earned $XBIT to Earn additional passive income! By staking your $XBIT you can boost your rewards level and increase your cashback rewards up to x10 depending on the staked amount or membership levels.  

Join Bitago and get a $10 Welcome Bonus

Refer friends, earn 10% forever!

Sharing is caring, right?

Share your referral link with friends and family to earn 10% of their shopping and staking base rewards.


Our Backers Empowering Our Vision

 We firmly believe that our success is built upon the collective efforts of our dedicated team and valued investors and backers like you. Your support is more than just financial; it is a vote of confidence in our vision and a catalyst for our growth.   

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