Unlock the boundless potential of Bitago Pay

Accept Crypto & Cash payments anywhere and watch your sales soar. Allow your clients to pay with Bank Cards and Crypto on one device. 


One POS to rule them all

 A device that is enough for everything. 

Gateway to payments

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    An easy-to-use application that allows managing goods, services, orders, POS devices, and employee rights in the system, as well as providing data on your business performance.

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    Accept Crypto payments

    Allow your clients to pay with bank cards, cash and digital currency on one device.

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    Ready-to-work POS terminal with a pre-installed app, built-in receipt printer, 2D-scanner, and capability to accept contactless payments. 

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    Payment data encryption is performed in line with PCI DSS standards. All cryptocurrency payments are subject to AML and KYC processing and guidelines. Secure transactions are made in compliance with AML/CTF regulations. 

And even more...

Manage your business in the cloud on the same device.

Use a convenient app to work with goods, services, kits, modifiers. 

Manage your clients, assign discounts, search by phone or loyalty card number. 

Print out paper receipts and send digital receipts to your customers. 

Get reports on sales and business performance in Bitago Dashboard.

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Order Bitago Pay POS

Compact and efficient POS terminal with contactless and QR payments capability. Accepts digital and fiat currencies; sells goods, services, and cryptocurrency; automates business with cloud-based application and prints out paper receipts. 

  • Bitago Pay | POS

    For In-Store Merchants
    • ✓
      CPU | ARM Cortex A7 Quad-core 1.1GHz
    • ✓
      Memory | 1GB RAM|8GB ROM
    • ✓
      OS | Android 5.1
    • ✓
      Mobile apps
    • ✓
      Display | IPS 5.5 inch touchscreen, resolution: 720x1280
    • ✓
      Communications | WiFi; 4G; Bluetooth; GPS
    • ✓
      Card slots | TF x1 SIM x1
    • ✓
      Ports | 1x USB Type C
    • ✓
      Camera | 5.0 Mpx rear, 2.0 Mpx front
    • ✓
      NFC capability
    • ✗
      EMV card capability
    • ✗
      Magnetic Stripe card capability
    • ✓
      Battery | 2000mAh; 7.4V; charger
    • ✓
      Printer | Built-in thermal printer, paper roll width/diameter: 58mm/40 mm
    • ✓
      Dimensions, weight |190x80x69.8 mm, 420 g

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